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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Only 9 more weeks!

Last Thursday I finally had another doctor's appointment (it's been 5 weeks) but unfortunately my doctor was delivering a baby so I saw some other person...oh well. At this appointment I had to do my glucose test thing for gestational diabetes...  I had to drink a bottle of this orange drink...the flavor was okay, but it was soooooooo sugary and not very good. It tasted like someone melted a bunch of orange popsicles and added several cups of sugar...gross! My test results came back and no gestational diabetes..yay!  However, when the nurse took my blood pressure, she said it was a little high...but the doctor didn't say anything about I don't know if it's bad. Then they asked me to give a urine sample at the beginning of my appointment like always but then as I was leaving they asked me to give another one????? I have no idea why. They didn't say anything, so hopefully it's nothing bad... My belly is measuring 30-31 cm, which is right on track :)
Kyle and I have been taking prenatal classes at the hospital. We took a new begining parenting class, which was really good and talked about different things about caring for an infant that I didn't even think about. We are currently in a prepared childbirth class and it's way nice to learn about what exactly happens in labor, what I can expect, and how to relax and stuff...but on the other hand, it makes me sooooo nervous thinking about labor! I'm so scared! Part of me wants to see how much of labor I can take before getting an epidurl and try to do it natural...but part of me just wants to get the epidurl and escape as much of the pain as I can...I don't know what I'll do yet... I also took a breastfeeding class, which was sooo helpful! That was the best class so far. It really helped ease some of my fears of breastfeeding.
We ordered a crib from this store here in town, and it said it can take 6-10 weeks to ship (you get a cheaper price doing the longer shipping time) ...and it's been 9 weeks and I just want my crib! We haven't done anything in the baby's room because we don't have it, and it's a mess! I just want to get it all ready. Kyle laughs and asks why I can't wait and I why I have such a desire to get it done now...but I just want it done! haha.
Jackson is moving around a ton everyday and it's so cool to feel him move and see my belly morph haha.


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the high bp. You're doctor will let you know if they are worried. Mine was high and kept climbing so I was induced a week early. It came down to normal about a week after I had her. I got my epidural half hour after contractions began. I can't take pain and the anesthesiologist was already there so I wouldn't have to wait for him. You'll do great!

  2. Thanks :) It's always nice to hear reassuring comments ! :)